Available at Nutriell.comYoung Tissue Extract (YTE™)

Supports anti-aging.*

Young Tissue Extract (YTE™)

Key Benefits:

  • Helps increase sexual health.*
  • Increase mood and well being.*
  • Increases energy and stamina.*
  • Helps boost muscle strength.*
  • Enhances sense of well being.*

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Did you know?

YTE™ (Young Tissue Extract) is a virtually cholesterol-free extract derived from pre-embryonic fertilized hen eggs, and is produced in Norway, one of the few countries in the world that remains salmonella free.

An egg contains all necessary elements for development, nutrition and protection. However, it is only after the fertilization of the egg that these vital substances are mobilized and activated. At this time, highly-specific combinations of amino acids and glycopeptides are formed. Fertilization causes changes to occur within the egg, including production of new proteins and other factors. Chromatographical analysis reveals a marked increase in high molecular weight molecules in fertilized eggs that are incubated to the peak date at which YTE® is harvested when compared to eggs that are harvested even three days earlier. YTE® contains a combination of beneficial amino acids and glycoproteins. Clinical studies suggest that this extract may have the ability to promote healthfulness and youthfulness.

Numerous clinical studies conducted in the U.S., Sweden and Norway have shown that YTE™ may help both men and women, especially the baby boomers, to enhance sexual health, stamina and energy, and overall fitness.

YTE™ promotes energy and stamina for those who face physical challenges. It helps achieve a quicker recovery time after a strenuous workout and contributes to added muscle tone and strength, while it enhances energy levels and stamina. In addition, YTE™ includes amino acids that assist in the production of rejuvenating hormones.

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