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Supports libido enhancement.


Key Benefits:

  • Increases stamina and energy.
  • Increase of erections.
  • Helps increase testosterone.
  • Helps increase ejaculations.
  • Helps boost sexual endurance.

Is This For You?

Do have aching joints, poor circulation, trouble digesting protein, low energy levels?

Did you know?

KurZyme is a unique formulation of highly active proteolytic enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and herbs that is designed to help modulate the inflammation process. The synergistic action of these highly absorbable enzymes and the powerful, natural ingredients facilitates the removal of oxidized molecules and necrotic tissue, aids in the modulation of free radicals, and supports the regulation of cytokines. This product also supports the healing and mediating molecules of the body, thus enhancing the body’s overall health and vitality.

Tissue repair and/or wound healing is usually divided into three phases. The inflammatory phase is characterized by platelet accumulation, platelet coagulation, and leukocyte migration. The proliferate phase involves re-epithelialization, angiogenesis, fibroplasias, and wound contraction. The remodeling phase takes place over a period of months. During this stage of tissue repair, the dermis responds to injury with the production of collagen and matrix proteins and then returns to its pre-injury structure. Research has shown that these processes are regulated by various cytokines.

The Protease Blend in KurZyme consists of acid, neutral, alkaline, peptidases, bromelain and papain. These proteolytic enzymes are active in a wide range of pH’s, are gastrointestinal stable and functional, and have been specifically selected for their synergistic activity in the digestive tract as well as systemically for therapeutic applications.

The antioxidant blend is made up of ingredients that scavenge and correct molecules that have been damaged by free radicals, thus helping to prevent a free radical domino effect within the body. The natural minerals, bioflavonoids, herbs, and vitamins in this unique formulation are designed to help control inflammation and enhance the healing process.

Researchers claim aging skin is caused by a lack of protein and a weak circulatory system. These deficiencies cause tissue, muscles, nerve fibers and blood vessels to become rigid. They are also responsible for loss of muscle tone and skin elasticity resulting in sagging and drooping skin and muscles. Protease enzymes are responsible for creating healthy skin elasticity. Plus protease enzymes keep your veins soft and supple and promote healthy circulation.

KurZyme not only helps fight inflammation in the body that can cause heart, circulation and joint problems it can also help put an end to digestive problems too. The digestive enzymes help break down foods to promote healthy digestion, help maintain a healthy pH balance in your gut, reduce gastric acid secretion to prevent ulcers, prevent gas build up and break down hard to digest proteins from meats, fish and poultry.

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